My name is Jutte. I am 24 years old, and I am currently studying for the master “Biodiversity, conservation and restoration”. This is my second year @GreenOffice. I like to be outside and go for a run in the sun. Apart from that I mostly enjoy being surrounded by friends with a cold drink and good food. 

My favorite sustainable address: The Humm

The Humm is plant-based restaurant that serves the most delicious Middle Eastern dishes. Apart from the organic ingredients Humm uses in its vegan meals, they try to reduce their waste by using tapwater, metal straws & reusable buckets for its coffee beans. This makes their food even more tasty and delicious.   

My eco-sin...

At my dorm, I don't sort vegetable waste (the so-called “GFT-afval”), everything ends up in the same container as the residual waste. Time to invest in a decent food waste bin