Hey there, I’m Kerr, a 21 year old sustainability enthusiast. Im currently in the middle of my transition year for the master of environmental science (milieuwetenschap). In my free time you’ll often catch me caring for OR eating plants.  I’m all about the simple pleasures in life, like exploring nature spots, trying new things and spending time with friends!

My favorite sustainable address: Plantentuin den Botaniek

Den Botaniek is a botanical garden in the centre of Antwerp. There's obviously lots of different plants, but it’s mostly the history of the place that really interested me. It used to be a place where medicinal plants were grown, which were then used by pharmacists to create medication. I was totally at peace whilst having my walk (and pre-diner snack) in the parc. One day I want to have my own botanical garden, that provides me with food, medicine and most of all peace and beauty! 

My eco-sin...​

I’ve got 3788 unopened emails, which uses a lot of server space, thus creating digital emissions, which is often forgotten. Oops!