Heyy I’m Lize, I’m 24 years old and currently finishing my bachelor in biology. I’m that person that can’t stop talking about the ocean and made diving their whole personality. If I can’t be under water I love to surround myself with friends and family or be by myself working on some creative project.

My favorite sustainable address: T2 (Think Twice clothing shop)

Think twice and go to the T2 before shopping for new clothes! The think twice is a second hand clothing chain with multiple stores all around antwerp. By buying second you have a smaller negative effect on our planet, you safe money and you can find more unique one of a kind pieces. Do you want to get an even better deal? keep an eye on the T2 socials and find out when they have their recurring sales.

My eco sin...

Flying, for sure. The internal battle of wanting to safe our beautiful planet but also wanting to see it. I only fly for long distances and long trips but still it’s probably one of the biggest parts of my ecological footprint.