Old phones and other electronic devices have lot of useful but scarce materials within them. Urban mining means that you won’t mine for new materials (which happens mostly in underdeveloped countries in the south) but that you recover materials from old electronic devices.

In the week of 7 to 13 March 2022, we will make an extra effort. During that week, we will collect mobile phones all over the university and donate €1 per phone to the "EIGHT" charity (via the Proximus action "Don't miss the call"). The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is the initiator of this action.

> City campus: in the library at the desk
> Groenenborger Campus: in the give-cabinet (in the corridor between komida and syllabus service)
> Campus Drie Eiken: in the hallway by the library
> Middelheim Campus: in the give cabinet in building A, near the purchasing department (where you can bring your mobile phone all year round)

Are you sure that there is no personal data left on your mobile phone? Reset your phone to its factory settings, or use an app that overwrites your data. Attention: just deleting data is not sufficient, it is only to indicate that data can be overwritten, they remain accessible at that moment.

During the rest of the year, you can bring your old phone to room A035 on Campus Middelheim to be recycled.