Your bike broke down! What to do now? Luckily we have bicycle repair on all campuses!

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UAntwerp has an on-demand bicycle repair service where employees and students can go to have their bikes repaired by technicians of Werkmmaat as part of a training and employment process.

Registering your bike for on-demand bicycle repair is easy!

  1. Place your bike in the correct shed
  2. Hand in your bicycle key (via reception or in the key box near the shed)
  3. Fill out the online form here --> LOGIN + PASSWORD can be found in the tabel below! Still need more help? Call Mobiliteit on 03/265 3240
  4. Call to Werkmmaat (03/8888136) to double check if your bike is correctly registered

  • Your bike will normally be repaired and returned within the day if you requested the repair before 10 o'clock. 
  • In case of maintenance, make sure to make clear arrangements with Werkmmaat by phone (03/8888136) on when and how long you can miss your bike. 
  • You will receive your key back at the reception or you will receive a text message with the code to open key box
  • You will receive the invoice by email

As a student/employee of UAntwerp, you can also visit De Wielredders, Paardenmarkt 33, 2000 Antwerp, to have your bicycle repaired or to buy a second-hand bicycle.

Bike pick up (collection cost 5 euro)
Leave your bike at 
Leave your bike key at
Fill out the digital form
Phone number for contact
In front of building D
Reception in building D
login: CDE
password: fietspunt

Corner of the shed between building T and building V
Reception in building T (at Nancy and David)
login: CGB
paswoord: fietspunt
Shed near building A
Key box* at shed
login: CMI
password: fietspunt
Shed at Zomaar een Dak Prinsstraat 32
Zomaar een Dak, desk of Gert Van Langendonck Pr.32,010
login: zomaareendak
password: fietspunt
Bicycle cellar De Meerminne Sint-Jacobsstraat (use your student card to open the gray gate)
Key box* in bicycle cellar
login: meerminne
password: fietspunt
Campus Mutsaard, entrance through the white gatehouse in Mutsaardstraat
Ontwerpwetenschappen, director’s house Karin Thuy
login: facow
password: fietspunt
GATE 15 - Kleine Kauwenberg 15
Reception at GATE 15
login: gate15
password: fietspunt
Drop off the bike yourself
near CST
At De Wielredders, Paardenmarkt 33, 2000 Antwerpen. 

Without an appointment, every working day between 9 am and 5 pm, closed between Christmas and New Year

*Only hand in the key, remove any other objects like keyhangers

What about electric bicycles?

Werkmmaat takes care of all the usual repairs such as a flat tire, broken brakes, ... also on electric bicycles! However, Werkmmaat does not carry out maintenance or repairs on the electronics of the bicycle (such as motor, battery and on-board computer). If these parts require repairs or inspection, it is best to consult a specialized bicycle repair shop, ideally where you bought the bicycle.

What about very dirty bicycles?

If your bike is very dirty and neglected, in addition to being repaired, it can also be cleaned by Werkmmaat. And this for a fee of 10 euro per quarter hour started (dd June 2022). You request this through the regular application form and note this request in the comments field. Do count on the fact that the bike will not be returned the same day, usually you will have it back within the week. So byebye dust, cobwebs and green deposits, it is so much nicer to cycle on a clean bike!

How much does that cost?

Count on €15 for minor repairs, + the material, + wages at 10 euros per 15 minutes started, + 5 euros for collection costs (not applicable if you hand in your bicycle at De Wielredders yourself). More details on the indicative prices for most common repairs can be found here (Dutch only). 

How do I pay? 

You will receive an invoice by email containing a payment link. At De Wielredders you can only pay with bancontact, they also accept ecocheques.

Want to know more about Werkmmaat and their services?

For the crew of the bicycle repair service, we can count on an excellent collaboration with the non-profit organization Werkmmaat from the social economy. Read their story and the countless other projects they work on "op MensenMaat" here. For more information on their bike repair services visit their websites and

Fix your bike yourself with our bike repair boxes or kiosks!

You can also tinker with your bike yourself with the tools from one of the University's repair boxes or bike repair kiosks! 

Every campus has several bike repair boxes that you can borrow. In such a box you will find materials for maintenance and minor repairs, such as a bicycle pump, pliers, cone wrench, inner tubes, brake cables and insulation tape. 

A bike repair kiosk is a robust column equipped with a pump and 8 common tools such as tyre lifters, screwdriver, adjustable spanner, ....

The exact locations where you can find these bike repair boxes and kiosks can be found in the student portal or on Pintra.