What’s that? You don’t want to miss your weekly portion of vegetables and fruit? We’ve got you covered! Our vegetable bags are all composed of locally produced vegetables and fruit.

After 9 years we decided to stop offering veggie bags at UAntwerp. When we started in 2014, organic vegetables and fruit and 'forgotten vegetables' were mostly unknown and hard to find. Meanwhile, the range of organic and local produce has become much larger and more diverse, often combined with other sustainable products like dairy and bread, which we cannot offer.

Additionally, the logistics to offer the veggie bags at 3 campuses every week is quite a challenge. We chose to redirect our energy for more sustainable food to other channels, such as the workgroup Food of the climate team and the support of our own komida, who has already been a long-time advocate of sustainable and seasonable food.

You can still order vegetables from Kleibeek. They deliver in the bio supermarket at Antwerp Central train station. You will find Kleibeek and other alternatives in Antwerp in this summary. Feel free to add more options to the list!

Why should I order a vegetable bag?

  • You’ll eat healthy and organic
  • You’re supporting local farmers
  • You’ll eat seasonal products
  • You’ll learn new recipies
  • You’ll support the process of sustainable development