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Family allowance

Child benefits (the “Growth Package”)

In order to receive family/child benefits, you must meet certain age and study requirements. Here you’ll find more information about the “Growth Package” scheme (Groeipakket in Dutch) for students whose main residence is in Flanders. Students who live in Brussels should contact their child benefit provider for more information because they fall under different legislation. The legislation of the Brussels-Capital Region will soon be published on the “centen voor studenten” website.

Special regulations for students in a diploma year (change took effect on 1.1.2019)

The following regulations applied until 1.1.2019: The minimum requirement of 27 credits doesn't apply to students in a diploma year who still have to submit a thesis or final dissertation (Master or Bachelor dissertation) or complete an internship and the corresponding internship report, either in combination with other programme components or not. In that case, you can take advantage of an exception and still receive child benefits, despite being enrolled for less than 27 credits. Child benefits will then be paid up to and including the month in which your thesis, dissertation or internship report is submitted. Students can only use this exception once, unless they enrol in a different programme. Students in a diploma year who enrol for less than 27 credits will receive a letter in the post with a reply card for indicating whether they are completing a thesis, final dissertation or internship report during that academic year. If this is not the case, they are not entitled to child benefits. Students who only enrol for regular programme components worth less than 27 credits therefore receive no child benefits, unless they are allowed to enrol in extra programme components. Enrolling in extra components is only possible with the permission of the study coordinators and may have consequences in other areas (e.g. tuition fees and your learning account). Please discuss this with your faculty’s study programme counsellor.

As of 1.1.2019, new regulations apply to students in a diploma year. Students in a diploma year who enrol for less than 27 credits will retain their child benefits throughout the entire diploma year, unless they stop studying early (in which case the rules for school-leavers apply). This applies to one diploma year per training cycle. In other words, the rule can be applied several times, e.g. in a Bachelor programme and then in a Master programme, and is not limited to one Bachelor and one Master programme. The additional requirement of the Bachelor or Master dissertation or internship report no longer applies. This exception doesn't apply to bridging and preparatory programmes or to advanced programmes (e.g. Advanced Master and postgraduate programmes). Students taking those programmes must enrol for at least 27 credits to retain their child benefits.

The new rules apply from 1.1.2019. If you’re enrolled for less than 27 credits at the start of the academic year 2019-2020 and you’re not entitled to child benefits as a student because you don’t have a Bachelor or Master dissertation or internship report in your study programme, you’ll only be entitled to child benefits again from 1.1.2020 onwards, based on the new regulations.