How much does studying and living in Antwerp cost for an international student? Based on averages from students over recent years, we’ve created an overview of costs to take into account.  

How much does studying cost?

Tuition fees

This information does not apply to exchange students.

Your tuition fee depends on your nationality, the programme you’re enrolled in, and the number of credits you take on. 

  • Students with a nationality of a member state of the European Economic Area pay the same tuition fees as Belgians. 
  • Students who are a recognised refugee or receiving subsidiary protection (Dutch: subsidiaire bescherming) or have a permanent residence permit, you will also pay the same tuition fee as Belgian students.  
  • Students with a nationality from states outside the European Economic Area need to pay a higher tuition fee, depending on the programme.

International students can contact the International Student Office for individual cost estimates. 

Other study costs

Estimated monthly costs

The average monthly cost, based on input from international students who stayed in Antwerp during academic year 2022-2023 is approximately €1.000. 

  • Rent: € 400 - € 500 
  • Utilities and energy: € 150 
  • Groceries: € 250 
  • Phone & Internet: € 75 
  • Local transportation: € 50  

Do keep in mind that during the first months, you’ll have extra costs such as your rent deposit and study material.