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Health insurance

Anyone living and/or working in Belgium is obliged to take out health insurance. Students are usually insured as dependants (of their parents).

More information?

Contact one of the health insurance providers or the HZIV. You are free to choose your own health insurer. They all work according to the same rules.  The contribution you pay may vary slightly but the differences are minimal. 

  • Nationalestraat 111, 2000 Antwerp (Christelijke Mutualiteit)
  • Rubenslei 4, 2018 Antwerp (Partena)
  • Minderbroedersrui 19, 2000 Antwerpen (Liberale Mutualiteit)
  • Oude Vaartplaats 50, 2000 Antwerp (Onafhankelijk Ziekenfonds)
  • Nationalestraat 130a, 2000 Antwerp (Socialistische Mutualiteit ‘De Voorzorg’) 

Information for international students 
All of the above information is also relevant for you.