Combining your work, family and studies can sometimes be very difficult. A career break or time credit can allow you to temporarily interrupt your work, either in part or in full, so you have more time to study (again).

What is the difference between time credit and a career break?

Time credit 

Time credit relates to employees in the private sector. 

Career break 

A career break is an equivalent measure for government employees.

How much time can you take off?

The minimum and maximum durations of a career break or time credit depend on a number of factors:

  • The sector in which you are employed
  • Any career breaks you have already taken
  • ... 

Do you receive an allowance?

Under certain conditions the National Employment Office (RVA) will grant career break benefits. On top of the National Employment Office's incentive, in some cases you are also entitled to a Flemish training credit incentive as part of a career break or time credit.

Where can you get more information?