With the student restaurants of komida you’re in the right place for tasty, healthy meals with a sustainable twist at student-friendly prices.

As the University of Antwerp's catering service, we have a mission which we strive to achieve.

We aim to offer our customers good quality meals that have been carefully thought out, sold with the necessary creativity in a customer-oriented manner. We are always open to interaction with our customers.

Value for money


We aim to achieve the best possible price/quality ratio.

Students can enjoy a subsidised warm meal, whose sales price is always the cost of the food x 2. The rest of the meal's cost is subsidised by social funds.

We always pay close attention to how our meals taste, and a testing panel tries our products before they appear in our range.

Food for thought: conscientious choices


In the autumn of 2012, we launched a year-long project on sustainability together with the NGO Vredeseilanden.

  • All disposable waste was replaced with eco-friendly (or biodegradable) packaging:
    • Salads in PLA trays
    • Cutlery and take-away containers made of cane sugar pulp
    • Cups made of recycled paper
    • Fully biodegradable sandwich bags and labels
  • We only serve sustainable fish and have removed endangered fish species from our range (we have not served tuna since April 2012).
  • We try to reduce the ecological footprint of meat by serving fun, contemporary vegetarian dishes. 
  • Our range of sustainable and fairtrade products is continuously being increased. Our restaurants support events such as the USOS Fairtrade Breakfast.
  • We are currently trying to increase the amount of organic food we use in our meals.



  • We try to facilitate the customer's choice with clear menu displays and signs.
  • Our aim is to ensure that our restaurants have a nice atmosphere and are comfortable places to meet. During the restaurant committee meetings, we specifically discuss ideas and requirements for creating this pleasant atmosphere. These proposals can then be developed and applied.
  • We take a creative approach to ingredients and menu planning. Our range is tailored to the wishes of the students and personnel: ideas such as fusion and diversity are important. In addition to this, we organise vegetarian Thursdays, as well as serving fish and poultry once a week, ensuring sufficient portions of vegetables, making a wide selection of fruit available, and so on.
  • Our Facebook page has been set up to help increase access to our services.
  • ‘On the move': a small selection of pre-packed products, including sandwiches, salads and pastas, is available for people who don't have time for lunch but still want to eat fresh products. Soup can also be taken away.

Friendliness and commitment


Our employees are there to welcome everyone, to please customers and offer help. That is why we set high standards for our personnel in terms of customer service. All our employees take training courses to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.

Your opinion matters


  • All our restaurants have red and green cards on which you can write your opinions and ideas. This helps us understand our customers' wishes and comments better. So please do give us your feedback, either verbally or in writing using the cards. We will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • We have established a restaurant committee to ensure our services meet our customers' needs. The aim is to work as constructively as possible in this committee, which consists of students and personnel, and to learn from the questions, comments and wishes of our customers.  We meet three times a year in one of our restaurants to discuss a range of questions and remarks as well as keeping everyone up-to-date on our services. The minutes of these meetings can always be consulted internally.
  • Every year the student associations ASK-Stuwer and Unifac delegate several members to this committee. Candidate members should contact the two umbrella student associations.
     We notify customers of changes to our services with 'did you know' factsheets. They provide a better idea of how and why we work the way we do.