Student portal

The Student portal is the large central gateway for all information about your studies and student life. It provides you with all the information you need about your study programme and the courses you are taking; everything you need to know about life on and around our campuses; and the latest announcements from your faculty, lecturers, and from the university.

Students can access the platform as of 19 September via

Blackboard learning environment

Via the 'Courses' button on the student portal you can access the Blackboard learning environment. This gives you access to the electronic study materials made available by your lecturers:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • additional texts
  • video clips
  • online exercises, etc.

You can use the forums, wikis, blogs and group pages to communicate and collaborate with your fellow students.

In many programme components, the Blackboard learning environment is also used for submitting assignments and/or taking tests and exams.

Blackboard app

You can use the Blackboard app to access Blackboard on your smartphone. Want to check whether the classroom has changed or the lecturer had to cancel? With the Blackboard app, you're always up to date.