Early Stage Researchers (ERSs)

Overview of ESR projects:


Name: Emanoel Sabidussi

Topic: Integrated motion estimation for Q-MRI.

Host: Erasmus MC (supervisor: D. Poot)


Name: Michele Nicastro

Topic: SRR technology for direct estimation of Q-MRI parameter maps.

Host: University of Antwerp (supervisor: J. Sijbers)


Name: Marco Zampini

Topic: SRR technologies to enable accelerated preclinical quantitative MRI at 3T and 4.7T.

Host: MR Solutions (supervisor: D. Taylor)


Name: Riwaj Byanju

Topic: Optimal parameter estimation from intra-scan modulated MR data.

Host: Erasmus MC (supervisor: S. Klein) 


Name:Banafshe Shafieizargar

Topic: Intra-scan modulation acquisition to shorten acquisition of dMRI.

Host: University of Antwerp (supervisor: A.J. den Dekker).


Name: to be recruited

Topic: Parallel transmission/reception and simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) techniques for dMRI.

Host: University of Sheffield (supervisor: A. Frangi)


Name: to be recruited

Topic: Next generation MRI sequences to enable accelerated Q-MRI.

Host: MR Solutions (supervisor: D. Taylor)


Name: Seong Yeong Shin

Topic: Novel sequences for accelerated Q-MRI optimised by JEMRIS simulations.

Host: Jülich Forschungszentrum (supervisor: J. Shah)


Name: Mojtaba Lashgari

Topic: Characterization of brain tissue structure and vasculature using dMRI.

Host: University of Sheffield (supervisor: J. Pozo)


Name: Roberto Paolella

Topic: Standardisation of brain MRI diffusion parameter maps for multi-centre studies.

Host: Icometrix (supervisor: A. Ribbens) 


Name: Céline Smekens

Topic: Bridging the gap between research and clinical application for Q-MRI using Syngo.via Frontier.

Host: Siemens Healthineers (supervisor: T. Janssens)


Name: Maira Pinto

Topic: Exploring dMRI and susceptibility mapping in the setting of traumatic brain injury.

Host: Antwerp University Hospital (supervisor: Prof. P. Parizel)


Name: Vincenzo Anania

Topic: Designing an open-access interface of SyMRI to facilitate clinical application of new Q-MRI algorithms.

Host: Icometrix (supervisor: A. Ribbens) 


Name: Dennis Thomas

Topic: A translational approach to quantify water pools as biomarker of the damaged brain.

Host: Jülich Forschungszentrum (supervisor: A-M Oros-P.)


Name: André Silva

Topic: Objective and automated quantitative imaging biomarker extraction from Q-MRI data.

Host: Quantib (supervisor: J.Glastra)