There are many experts within the University who are working towards an inclusive and more diverse University. Below is an overview of those with active and explicit D&I provision that may be of interest to you.  

  • MONDO 

MONDO aims to create a social network for international staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students and their families. 

  • Secular service

Space for freethinkers, atheists and humanists 

  • Pastoral care

Zomaar een dak, the chaplaincy of the University of Antwerp, is a meeting place for everyone. 

  • Centrum Pieter Gillis 

Reflection centre for active pluralism at UAntwerp 

  • D&I student associations 

Make the most of your student life and join one of the many inclusive student associations with a focus on diversity. 

  • LGBTQI+ Network 

A vibrant network of staff and students, both LGBTQI+ individuals and 'straight allies', who take bottom-up action, co-develop and support actions, and campaign and raise awareness on LGBTQI+ issues. 

  • A* Network 

The A* Network is a research network that aims to bring together and highlight research and expertise on gender and sexuality at the University of Antwerp.   

  • QueerTrans@UA / Social and Action Group 

QueerTrans@UA is a group of queer and trans staff, researchers and students at the University of Antwerp. 

  • LGBTQI+ Forum  

This forum consists of a network of researchers and staff from various civil society organisations working on sexual and gender diversity.  

  • Disability Studies Research Group 

The Disability Studies Research Group aims to achieve optimal integrated and inclusive care for people with intellectual disabilities.   

  • OPEN Centre of Expertise 

OPEN promotes the development of high-quality, user-friendly and accessible media and cultural services. 

  • USAB - University Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. 

The foundation calls on staff, students and volunteers to help people in financial difficulty.