Quiet spaces

The quiet rooms are accessible for students, and conference visitors of the University of Antwerp. They can be used for prayer, reflection or just for a moment of silence and peace. These rooms represent pluralism and tranquillity and are not linked to any particular religion or belief. Click here to see where you can find these quiet rooms.


The vestibule or porch of a church building is called a narthex. A multi-faith space for students and staff has been created in the Ignatius Chapel. In this way, the University of Antwerp offers a warm and welcoming space for reflection and encounters in the very centre of the Hof van Liere.   

Read more about the Narthex (Dutch version).


A Belgian first: a Mindfulnest located in two UAntwerp University libraries. Students and staff can withdraw for a while and follow a (guided) meditation in this soundproof cabin.    

Read more about the Mindfulnests