Diversity and Inclusion Policy Structure

The UAntwerp Values Framework includes diversity and inclusion as one of its key characteristics. In this way, UAntwerpen emphasises that Diversity and Inclusion are core values within our university. 

UAntwerpen's Diversity and Inclusion policy is under the leadership of the Vice Rector for Service to Society, who is the chair of Academic Council for Service to Society. The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee co-directs the Diversity Policy and reports to the Service Council. Day-to-day coordination and implementation is carried out by Team Diversity and Inclusion, which is part of the University and Society Department

The Student Diversity Action Plan and the Staff Diversity Action Plan set out the University's diversity and inclusion policy. The Gender Equality Plan and the Strategic Framework Global Engagement further explore these themes. 

As part of the inclusive and intersectional approach to D&I in the Diversity Action Plans, the specific challenges of different diversity issues are included. These are currently grouped into six D&I fields of expertise, which are particularly relevant in a higher education context. 

Team Diversity & Inclusion is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating diversity plans. We do this in close collaboration with faculties and central services. 

Interfaculty consultative committee on diversity and inclusion. 

Faculties have diversity policies that are tailored to their individuality within the faculty. Diversity anchors are responsible for policy implementation in each faculty. They are the link between the faculty and Team Diversity & Inclusion. The Interfaculty Consultation on Diversity and Inclusion is the consultative body where the faculty diversity anchors meet.