What is transgressive behaviour?  

What constitutes as transgressive behaviour is a very personal and subjective question. It includes any form of unwanted behaviour that crosses your personal boundaries. It usually includes bullying, unwanted sexual behaviour or violence, stalking, harassment, discrimination, blackmail, ...  The distinction between what is transgressive and what is not may also be culturally or socially determined. What is unacceptable to you may be acceptable to others, and vice versa.  

How and where do you report harassment? 

There is a wide range of support through which you can get a shoulder to lean on, a report, mediation or a warm referral to more tailored help. This can always be done anonymously and with your needs as a priority. 

On the student portal, you will find more information on reporting and support for students 

On Pintra, you will find more information on the reporting and support for staff