On this page you will find information about the policies and initiatives that UAntwerp has in place to promote the inclusion of lifestance diversity. 

1. Policy  

Lifestance diversity is a fact of life in today's society, including our university. UAntwerp supports different world views in the organisation because it attaches great importance to the education of students who, in a very diverse society, show a mutual understanding for the points of view of others. UAntwerpen opts for active pluralism to address this diversity. 

As an active pluralist institution, the University of Antwerp aims to connect and enrich dialogue between individuals and groups with their own views and philosophical convictions. The University provides an open forum in which all issues are discussed, and all voices are listened to with mutual respect. It invites everyone to be an active participant in the search for nuance rather than polarisation.   

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1.1. Accommodations for religious holidays

Accommodations for religious holidays allow students to request that they not be evaluated on legally recognised religious holidays. The Faculty will consult with the lecturer to consider which reasonable solutions may take place. 

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2.  Reflection Rooms 

2.1. Quiet rooms  

The quiet rooms are accessible for students, and conference visitors of the University of Antwerp. They can be used for prayer, reflection or just for a moment of silence and peace. These rooms represent pluralism and tranquillity and are not linked to any particular religion or belief. Click here to see where you can find these quiet rooms.

2.2. Narthex  

The vestibule or porch of a church building is called a narthex. A multi-faith space for students and staff has been created in the Ignatius Chapel. In this way, the University of Antwerp offers a warm and welcoming space for reflection and encounters in the very centre of the Hof van Liere.   

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2.3. Mindfulnest  

A first for Belgium: a Mindfulnest installed in two UAntwerp University libraries. Students and staff can withdraw for a while and follow a (guided) meditation in this soundproof cabin.    

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3. The Lifestance Network 

Active pluralism is reflected in a number of services provided for both students and staff:  

3.1. Pastoral Care 

Zomaar een dak ("Just a roof"), the University of Antwerp's pastoral care service, is a meeting place for everyone. It offers a range of activities for those who are interested in philosophical reflection or who are simply looking for a meaningful way to participate in student and university life. These activities always seek to add social, cultural and/or philosophical value and are often the result of initiatives started by members of staff or students.   

3.2.  Centre for Moral Counselling 

A good space for freethought, atheists and humanists. The Centre for Moral Counselling organises many activities that enrich our view of the world. Lectures, debates, theatre performances, poetry readings and film evenings discuss a wide range of philosophically relevant topics. We also like to bring students into contact with like-minded people. 

3.3. Centrum Pieter Gillis  

The Centrum Pieter Gillis (CPG) is the reflection centre for active pluralism at the University of Antwerp. Just like humanists, the centre aims to take philosophical questions seriously and to study and discuss them with an open mind. Centre Pieter Gillis aims to shape active pluralism at the University of Antwerp by teaching, researching and providing services. It is also responsible for the university-wide, interdisciplinary course that are offered to all students at the University of Antwerp. 

4. Initiatives for a philosophically diverse university  

The University of Antwerp aims to be inclusive for all. In doing so, we take into account the specific hurdles that certain (groups of) people experience at our institution. The following inclusive initiatives explicitly address lifestance diversity: