On this page you will find information about the policies and initiatives that UAntwerp has in place to promote socio-economic inclusion. 

1. Everyone onboard 

Your ability to complete your degree, attend classes and feel good about yourself should not be affected by your financial situation. The University of Antwerp wants to keep everyone onboard. Learn how we can help. 

2. Campaigns and activities 

2.1. Students in need of help (since 2020) 

During 2020's corona crisis, Team Diversity & Inclusion teamed up with Social Services and the University Fund. More and more students found themselves unemployed or struggling to get the financial support they needed. It was for this reason that the Fund for Students in Need was established.   

We find that students still face financial barriers even after the corona crisis. Students may fail to complete their studies because of these financial barriers. That is why the 'Students in Need' fund continues to be an important safety net to provide financial support to students in order to complete their studies.  

Would you like to give a helping hand to students in need? Then have a look at the website of our colleagues at the University Fund. You can still donate. Help make a change! 

2.2. Info session on Menstrual Poverty, Stigma and Health (April 17, 2023) 

UAntwerpen takes menstruation seriously. That is why we organised an event about menstrual poverty, shame and health.  

Curious to know more? Take a look at the page on free menstrual products.

3. Initiatives for a more socio-economically inclusive university 

The University of Antwerp aims to be inclusive for all. In doing so, we take into account the specific hurdles that certain (groups of) people experience at our institution. The following inclusive initiatives explicitly address socio-economic diversity:  

3.1. How to study at the University of Antwerp at an affordable price  

Social Services can provide you with information about financial support and possibilities. They can also help with social and legal issues such as child allowance, health insurance and student jobs.   

Read more about affordable studying at UAntwerpen

3.2. Free menstrual products at the University of Antwerp.  

Not everyone who menstruates always has a tampon, a sanitary pad or a menstrual cup on hand - sometimes out of forgetfulness, out of lack of money, or due to an unexpected period. After a successful pilot project, UAntwerp is the first Flemish university to distribute free sanitary pads and tampons in all women's toilets.  

Want to find out more? Have a look at the free menstrual products page at UAntwerp

4. USAB - University Foundation for Poverty Reduction   

The University Foundation for Poverty Reduction(USAB) is an association of the University of Antwerp. USAB is almost unique in its structure: it fights poverty at its roots by conducting academic research into the causes of poverty and possible solutions to the difficulties faced by people living in poverty. The foundation calls on staff, students and volunteers to help people in financial difficulties.