Introduction HPV Prevention & Control Board Meeting Antwerp, Belgium - Alex Vorsters

Immunogenicity and tolerability of HPV vaccine in women aged 15-55 years; study findings and way forward - Tino F. Schwarz

Potential Benefits of HPV Vaccine in sexually active women: delivering the promise - John Schiller

Immune cross talk of HPV Specific Antibody Response; Cross Reactivity, Neutralizing Activity, Mucosal Secretion and Infection Prevention - Fiona RM van der Klis

Vaccine-induced HPV-specific antibodies in cervicovaginal secretions - Jade Pattyn

Immunising older cohorts : pros and cons - Margaret Stanley & Xavier Bosch

Pap smear collection: an increased risk of HPV infection? An objective study in rhesus macaques' model - John Schiller

HPV vaccination in relation to conization: A Danish nationwide study - Susanne Krüger Kjær

Transmission Reduction and Prevention with HPV Vaccination (TRAP-HPV) study - Aaron MacCosham and Eduardo Franco

Overview of Health Economics Models for HPV Vaccination of Mid-Adults - Harrell Chesson

Directionality of HPV Infection transmission in heterosexual couples; a systematic review and meta-analysis - Aaron MacCosham and Eduardo Franco

HPV Vaccination for sex workers: finding a balance between pros and cons - Maarten Schim van der Loeff

Baseline HPV Prevalence in rectal swabs from men attending a sexual health clinic in Scotland: assessing the potential impact of a selective HPV Vaccination programme for men who have sex with men - Ross Cameron

Towards cervical cancer elimination: the context of HPV Vaccination - Paul Bloem