Development and validation of cardiomyocyte model as a predictive assay to assess functional and structural cardiac liabilities

Host organisation: UCB BIOPHARMA SRL, Belgium

Supevisor: Dr. Vitalina Gryshkova


Brief biography: My name is Martina Cherubin and I am from Italy. I got my MSc degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Techniques at the University of Padova. I did my Master research project at the University of Reading, UK, within the Erasmus+Studio project, where we investigated zinc homeostasis in a mouse microglial cell line through viability assays and bioimaging experiments, to detect how Alzheimer’s disease development is linked to an unbalanced zinc level within the brain.

 In April 2020, I was selected for the ESR2 position of this ITN project INSPIRE, based at the UCB biopharma in Brussels, Belgium. This PhD research will be focused on identifying the best predictive model of cardiomyocytes by testing a set of reference compounds (drugs on the market or withdrawn from the market) to find evidence of early functional and structural cardiotoxicity.