Validation and use of novel telemetry implants with 3D micro-GPS functionality for integrated neuro-cardiovascular assessment

Host organisation: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GMBH &CO KG, Germany

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Markert


​My name is Elham. I am currently completing my Ph.D. as an in-vivo cardiovascular data scientist at Antwerp University (Belgium), in collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma company (Germany). I am a computer scientist by training. After graduating from the University of Khayyam in Iran, my love for computers and bio-informatics led me to obtain a Master's degree in computer science from Sapienza University in Rome (Italy). The last year of my master's degree was spent performing an internship at Cineca Research Institute in Rome (Italy), where I analysed biomedical and genomic data. After that, I spent a few months at the Polytechnique University of Madrid (Spain) developing clinical big-data analysis.

As the ESR7 fellow of the INSPIRE project, I am currently working on my Ph.D. Marie Curie fellowship in Biberach/Riss (Germany). I work in two main work packages, a) analysis of the sources of variability in historical cardiovascular data, and b) validation of a new blood sampling device and its comparison to manual sampling. The potential advantage of this technology when used in safety pharmacology studies is thought to permit more accurate PK/PD modelling. The overall purpose of my PhD thesis is to contribute to the improvement of safety pharmacology studies and enhance animal welfare through the use of 3R principles.