An in silico approach to monitor and predict haemodynamics during safety pharmacology studies

Host organisation: INRIA, France

Supervisors: Dr. Miguel Fernández, Dr. Damiano Lombardi, and Dr. Céline Grandmont


Brief biography: My name is Sara Costa Faya and I am the ESR8 fellow of the INSPIRE Project. I am from Spain and I have studied a Bachelor of Science programme in Physics at the University of Santiago de Compostela. My main interests were Medical and non-linear Physics and my bachelor’s thesis versed on an electrophysiological cardiac model in one dimension to analyse the properties of the waves that take place in the human heart. Afterwards and in line with these interests, I have followed a Master in Applied Mathematics in the same university and with special focus on areas such as biomedicine and fluid mechanisms. Thanks to this opportunity, I have started in September my PhD in the research centre INRIA, in Paris. It will verse on modelling and numerical simulation applied to the prediction of the effects of drugs in the cardiovascular system. The thesis also includes parameter estimations with Machine Learning algorithms.