A guiding light for innovators

Research-driven answers that are ready to apply

This is a challenging time for businesses, civic organisations and governments who shape our society. Every project must be planned and executed in a context of rapid technological advances, environmental and societal challenges, new discoveries in every field imaginable and, of course, changing regulation and rapidly evolving case law. The legal and regulatory landscape is shifting and becoming more complex at an unprecedented rate.
In addition to this, many projects cross multiple jurisdictions and require input from several disciplines

Pharus is a beacon for regulatory and operational innovation. It serves as a one-stop shop for businesses, civic organisations and governments who need research-driven legal input to support every aspect of their project, guiding it to completion with no stone unturned.

A unique concept for comprehensive solutions

Pharus adds exceptional value for its clients by combining the pragmatic insights of legal practicians with the conceptual mindset of academics. The Pharus offering is academic and therefore complements that of legal service providers such as attorneys, consultants and notaries. It also differs from fundamental academic research by providing answers that are practice-oriented and ready to apply. Cross-faculty collaboration and sharing of different legal perspectives are essential to our problem-solving. We break down the barriers of a siloed approach to formulate resilient answers that have been considered from every angle.

However complex the question, our clients know they can rely on the deepest and most up-to-date knowledge with the broadest perspective for answers they can trust.”

Prof. dr. Wouter Verheyen - academic coordinator Pharus