Cathy Berx, Governor of the province of Antwerp

​"Antwerp province is a well-connected, dynamic and thriving region, thanks to successful synergies between science and education, between arts and culture, thanks to innovative and openminded entrepreneurship. At the same time, an incredibly fast-changing context and society with ever-evolving challenges also continually raises new legal questions that need solid answers. Therefore, focusing on and investing in the quadruple helix of cooperation between government, academia and in particular the Antwerp Law Faculty, the private sector ánd our citizens remains key."

Luc Luwel, CEO Voka

"With large projects, it is in the interests of everyone concerned to see the outline of the final result at an early stage. Of course, legal protection must be taken seriously.But that shouldn’t mean that we end up in a perpetual merry-go-round, where new arguments can be put forward for decades to undermine infrastructure projects of social importance. After an initial consultation, there must be a clear statement on whether or not a project is feasible. With extra preconditions, if necessary. But, as a society, we get lost in a maze if we keep moving, with no known destination."

Prof. dr. Wouter Verheyen - academic coordinator Pharus

"However complex the question, our clients know they can rely on the deepest and most up-to-date knowledge with the broadest perspective for answers they can trust.”