How can we help you?

Pharus exists to help organisations seeking a strong and stable legal foundation for their projects. We do not provide shortcuts or workarounds. Our hallmarks are integrity and sustainability.
We offer academic expertise in a wide array of legal domains. In each of these, we provide forward-thinking, tailormade and research-driven responses to the legal regulatory and operational challenges our clients face in the initiation and execution of their projects. For example, we assist with the interpretation of real property rights to enable the development of new environmental policies. Or we elaborate entrepreneurial governance models to help companies meet their CSR goals or society’s expectations.
Our cross-disciplinary approach and our privileged location within the University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Law mean that we are ideally positioned to deliver high quality work, even in areas of law that are still developing and where legal doctrine has yet to take a clear stand.

Our services for you

Federal, regional and local governments
• Advice on policy evaluation and implementation
• Facilitating operational innovations and evaluating legal impediments
• Establishing frameworks for cooperation
Sector organisations
• Research-driven, ecosystem-based sector conditions
Civil society
• Legal support with building cases
Legal service providers
• Research and support