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Course description

The course analyses the shipbuilding sector, detailing main economic issues of the ship production process and the impact that shipbuilding generates on different shipping sectors. A focus on how regulation and policies impact on the competitiveness of different shipyards (and their role within regional economies) will be part of the course as well as the discussion of the impact of new trends (i.e. circular economy, green performance indicators, new ship propulsion and digital systems) on shipyards competitive characteristics and the related shipbuilding markets.


An intensive immersion into the shipbuilding related economic issues, mainly focusing on organizational problems, the competition among different segments, and the industrial and policy implications of the changing competing environment and other external factors (e.g. automation, new technologies and materials, emission standards, circular economy, funding schemes).


To learn more about the shipbuilding sector, its specificities, and future challenges. Key learning outcomes will be related to:

-       The assessment of key competition drivers

-       The critically discussion of main market characteristics and the effect of new trends, policies, and regulation

-       The description of the current market organisation and the market actors’ strategic behaviours

-       The understanding of future market challenges and their impact on different shipbuilding processes

-       The evaluation of the impact of shipping, technological, and logistics changing conditions on ship production processes and performance

-       The assessment of the local and regional economic impact of different shipbuilding activities