Performance measurement for sustainability: does firm ownership matter?

Luong, T. C. T., Jorissen, A., & Paeleman, I. (2019). Performance measurement for sustainability: Does firm ownership matterSustainability11(16), 4436.

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Introduction: Entrepreneurial finance from the 18th century to Modern Times 

Alperovych, Y., Bellavitis, C., Kamuriwo, D. S., Paeleman, I., & Quas, A. (2020). Introduction: Entrepreneurial Finance—From the 18th Century to Modern Times. In New Frontiers in Entrepreneurial Finance Research (pp. 1-9).

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The perceived benefits of the European Union standardization. 

Ramdani, D., van Witteloostuijn, A., Vanderstraeten, J., Hermans, J., & Dejardin, M. (2019). The perceived benefits of the European Union standardization. An exploration according to firm size and firm capabilities. International Economics and Economic Policy16(2), 379–396. 

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