27 April 2024 - Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Initiated by Loraine Furter

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and a deep breath out through your mouth... In a few breaths we will meet in a parallel space-time in which we can share and dream stories of empowerment through publishing, in an expanded understanding of the term, including oral transmission and hybrid~cyborg formats.·՞ ՟ ՚

From (micro-)typography to editorial structures. From gossip to public speech. From ghostwriting to collective pamphlets.

This collective moment is organized as part of the research project “The politics of publishing: researching encounters between artists’ books and intersectional feminist tools” which addresses artists’ books and the politics of publishing, creating forms to remember overlooked histories in this field, through a critical design approach which includes feminist tools. The project materializes in a series of hybrid publications (paper, digital, spatial, oral) that re·activate objects and histories and re·circulate them.

whispering pages.jpg


" We will open the doors of the space at 10am °⸛⸰ the “silver space” is on the fifth floor of Beursschouwburg, accessible from inside the building by a legendarily infinite staircase and an on-request elevator. The room usually welcomes DJs and dancing bodies, the corridor leads to toilets on one side and a rooftop terrasse on the other. Inside the room are different kinds of seats, from regular chairs to cushions and carpets, on which early guests can come and sit, sip a cup of tea, read booklets and ephemeras, listen to audio pieces, enjoy visual elements and rest.

At 11°° the event starts, with the organizer Loraine and artist Moustapha Guissé on the mic, introducing the space, the program, the sound devices present in the room, making space for oral and audio transmission, making connections with other forms that will be present in the day. 

Then, Loraine and graphic designer Sarah Magnan will then guide everyone in a collective meditation and SF futurology exercise, opening up a a dreamed alternative space-time for publishing practices ⸰⸰⸰ ⋱ 

Coming back to our reality, we will hear invited guests for short presentations of parallel workshops and participatory moments that will take place after the lunch break ⦂ Backstage, a workshop to make (up) one's personna with artists and performers Vinciane Mandrin & Nino André ⎰⎰ an emancipatory science fiction reading group with SF wizard Peggy Pierrot, artist & writer Clara Pacotte & graphic designer Sherida Kuffour ⎰⎰ diasporic memories and publishing with artists and graphic designers Joud Toamah, Garine Gokceyan & Marie Damageux ⎰⎰ a working table to prototype displays for soft publications, for those who prefer a different way to connect.

At 12⸰30 pm we will take a break, eat, and fill our body and eyes with the food creations of designers Roxanne Maillet and Leo Ren. After the lunch break, at 1⸰30 pm the parallel workshops will start, spread in the room.

At 4°°, we will gather again to listen to slam artist Joëlle Sambi, designer and educator Mio Kojima and asiofeminist podcast creator Mélanie Cao, whose voices will compose a landscape full of tips and shared experiences in bringing different voices together.

The day will end with a mix of recordings from the day by DJ and workshop leader Sylvia IweanyaIll Syll 

This is a multilingual event with partial language & accessibility translations in the form of hybrid publishing (projections, prints, audio files ⸰⸰⸰ bring your headphones with you!) "