Current artistic research projects (PhD)

Shaymaa Albess
Against Forgetting: Exploring poetic gestures of return(ing) to the land in Palestine - 2022-2026

Bianca Baldi
Play-White: Racial Passing and Embodied Images - 2020-2024

Sammy Baloji
Contemporary Kasala and Lukasa: towards a Reconfiguration of Identity and Geopolitics - 2019-2023

Nicolas Baeyens
The medium is the memory, the support the souvenir - 2020-2024

Korneel Bernolet
Arpeggio in barokke klavierliteratuur - 2016-...

Andrea Cammarosano
Relational creativity. The workshop as a space to build technical, social and creative relations - 2020-2024

Andrew Claes
Jazz hands - 2018-2023

Lies Colman
Connecting the dots - 2021-2025

Anton Cotteleer
Blurry scanning - 2019-2023

Nico Couck
Historical performance practice of post-war avant-garde music for guitar - 2014-...

Karin De Fleyt
Perspectives on time in the music by Stockhausen: the experience of a performer - 2022-2026

Annelys de Vet
Disarming Design from Palestine - 2019-2023

Klaas Devos
The thinking body in dance - 2020-2024

Carlos Brito Dias
Integrating traditional Portuguese sounds in new compositions - 2017-2023

Els Dietvorst
Partisans of the Real: From Individual to Collective Creation - 2018-2023

Umut Eldem
Synaesthesia and the Interconnectedness of the Senses: An Audiovisual Perception Theory - 2018-2023

Geoffa Fells
Sounding Equality. Investigating how contemporary composition can contribute as artistic activism for the rights of women and girls - 2019-2023

Loraine Furter
The politics of publishing; researching encounters between artists’ books and intersectional feminist tools - 2019-2023

Paolo Galli
Phonetic Relations between Vocal Music, Electronics and Linguistics in the second half of the twentieth century - 2014-2023

Amit Gur
Towards a theory of musical texture - 2017-2023

Carl Haase
Design as a Cultural Communicator - 2016-2023

Mona Hedayati
Embodied Forced Migration. Digital Narrativization - War-Stricken Cultural Heritage Sites - 2021-2025

Paul Hendrikse
The Performative as a Tool – Haunting Histories - 2018-...

Nadav Katan
Informed phrasing - 2018-2023

Maria Markatatou
The traditions of mandolin music in the regions of Asia Minor and the Ionian Islands - 2019-2023

Styliani Markatatou
The traditions of mandolin music in the regions of Crete and Athens - 2020-2024

Philip Meersman
De orale uitvoering van visuele poëzie - 2017-2023

Georgia Nicolaou
Moving towards resilience. Joint creation through music and movement for local, immigrant and refugee children - 2022-2026

Yuki Okumura
Any Body, My Self: Conceptual Art and Personhood - 2021-2026

Chiara Percivati
Different Tubes - 2021-2025

Bas Rogiers
Empty Pages - 2019-2023

Stijn Saveniers
La Grande Bouffe - 2021-2025

​Muhammad Danial Shah
Visions of becoming and belonging - 2021-2025

Hoda Siahtiri
Singing the Silences: Mediating female songs of resistance through audio-visual Performative art - 2020-2024

Katharina Smets
De auditieve verbeelding - het audioverhaal als kunstvorm op de grens van media, drama en literatuur - 2017-2023

Kristof Timmerman
Sense of Wonder. Artistic portals between the real and the virtual - 2022-2026

Karel Tuytschaever
When the artist swallows his image - 2022-2026

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
Anthony Braxton's tricentric thought unit construct in post was western art music - 2020-2024

Bart Van Dijck
Interzone (architecture of the ritual space) - 2021-2025

Vincent Van Meenen
100 years of surrealism - 2020-2024

Mirjam van Tilburg
Zoekgericht docentencollectief - 2018-2023

Robin Vanbesien
Toward a Poetics of Close-To-Each-Other - 2018-2023

​Pierre-Antoine Vettorello
Black Yarns: A Decolonial Research into the History of Black Women’s Fashion & Jewellery Design Practices - 2021-2025

Việt Vũ (Quang Trung Pham)
Queering the censorship: A (self-)investigation through the first-person perspective of an experimental filmmaker in Vietnam - 2022-2026

Arkadi Zaides
Towards Documentary Choreography. Intermedial approaches in working with extra-aesthetic materials - 2021-2025 

Anton Zhdanovich
Movement system and sound production in marimba and percussion instruments - 2018-2023