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Digital Humanities Flandres (DHu.F) is a FWO funded WOG that aims to bring together researchers and their projects in Digital Humanities across Flanders. ACDC (and its spokesperson Dirk Van Hulle) is DHu.F's coordinator. 


As a research group, ACDC is affiliated to CLARIAH-VL – one of three consortia within DARIAH-BE. Through this project, the University of Antwerp contributes to the development of The DARIAH-VL Virtual Research Environment Service Infrastructure (DARIAH VRE-SI). Dirk Van Hulle is the University of Antwerp's spokesperson for this project, and Wout Dillen its coordinator. 



Intelligent Neural Systems as InteGrated Heritage Tools (INSIGHT) is a BRAIN project funded by Belspo that aims to deploy the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (language technology and computer vision in particular) to support the enrichment of these collections with descriptive metadata. The project is coordinated by Mike Kestemont, Dirk Van Hulle, and Walter Daelemans.

Digitization of Philippine Periodicals and DH Training

This TEAM project funded by VLIR-UOS is a collaboration between the University of Antwerp and the University of the Philippines that combines an exchange of DH expertise and training with a specific digitization project of rare Philippine newspapers and magazines. The Universtity of Antwerp's project promotor is Mike Kestemont, and it will be implemented by Rocío Ortuño.     


Creative Undoing and Textual Scholarship (CUTS)

The European Research Council awarded an ERC Starting Grant to Dirk Van Hulle, to further develop the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project. The project (2013-2017) is called Creative Undoing and Textual Scholarship (CUTS): A Rapprochement between Genetic Criticism and Scholarly Editing. Its research hypothesis is that a rapprochement between the disciplines of scholarly editing and genetic criticism would be mutually beneficial.


Funded under Marie Curie Actions within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (2013-2017), the Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network (DiXiT) was an international network of high-profile institutions from the public and the private sector that are actively involved in the creation and publication of digital scholarly editions. DiXiT offered a coordinated training and research programme for early stage researchers and experienced researchers in the multi-disciplinary skills, technologies, theories, and methods of digital scholarly editing. Affiliated ACDC members are Dirk Van Hulle (UAntwerp supervisor), Elli Bleeker (Early Stage Researcher), Aodhán Kelly (Early Stage Researcher), and Wout Dillen (Experienced Researcher)



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