Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some recurrent questions that have reached our office in the past. Please check if your question is answered below before you contact us.


  • I am currently a master student and I expect to have graduated by the time the course starts. Considering my current student status, would I be eligible to apply for a VLIR-UOS scholarship?

If you are applying for a VLIR scholarship (next to course admission), you need to be employed by academic institution, research institute, public service, social economy or NGO. However, if by the time the course starts you will have your master degree, but are currently still enrolled, you can apply. Your supervisor or mentor can then provide a support letter.

  • I am currently a master student and I expect to have graduated by the time the course starts. How do I indicate this on the application form?

Write on the application form that you have a Master academic level. Under 'issued diploma date' indicate that you are in the dissertation process. It is best to indicate that you will have the master’s degree when the course starts, otherwise you risk not being found eligible if there is only mentioning of a bachelor’ s degree on your application form.

  • I am older than 45. Can I still apply for a VLIR-UOS scholarship?

The scholarship can be offered thanks to VLIR-UOS, a government funded institute. They set their own criteria and rules, such as the age criteria. If you are older than 45 on 01 January of the year of the course, you are not eligible. Unfortunately this  is non-negotiable.

  • I applied for the VLIR scholarship this year to attend a Masters programe at another university in Belgium, but they informed me I didn't get the scholarship. Is it a violation of the eligibility criteria for EBQ programme?

That is not a problem. Only when the scholarship was granted may you not apply for another VLIR-UOS sponsored scholarship. So you can go ahead and apply. Good luck!

  • I do not meet the criteria “I currently live in and have the nationality of one of the 31 countries from the country list”. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply to be admitted to the course, but you are not eligible for a VLIR-UOS scholarship.

  • I am involved in a VLIR-UOS sponsored IUS or TEAM project, can I apply?

Yes, you may apply to be admitted to the course, but you are not eligible for a VLIR-UOS scholarship. Contact the project leader for possible funding to attend the EBQ.

  • I applied for a grant during my study of an MSc in the UK as I could not cover part of the tuition fees in one of the terms. Do you see this grant as a scholarship?

With regards to scholarships, we only refer to those granted by the Belgian government, via VLIR-UOS. Other funding is allowed and will not be seen as a breach of the eligiblity criteria.



  • I have submitted my application file and CV. However, I do not have a support letter at this time. Is that a problem?

Kindly await the support letter from your supervisor/mentor at the institute you are affiliated with to make your file complete. Only complete applications will be taken into consideration. All documents are to be send in one batch and reach our office before the set deadline.

  • Regarding the letter of support: who should send it? Is it myself or another person recommending me?

We allow the support letter to be sent by the applicant as to limit the incoming mails and have full application dossiers in one mail.

  • Do I need to send you my international passport to apply for the course and/or scholarship?

No, only when you are admitted to the programme we will ask you to provide a scan of your passport.



  • I would like to know the nature of the accommodation during my stay for the EBQ course; whether it will be a single or shared accommodation. Will it be possible to have a room to myself?

All students are housed at TPC, which is a student housing facility. Per floor are ten single rooms. These ten tenants share two toilets, two showers, a living room with a dining room section and a fully equipped kitchen. Every room has a built-in wardrobe, a sink with hot and cold water, a single bed with mattress, a pillow, a duvet, bookshelves, desk and table, internet connection. You can use the washing and drying machine at the ground floor of building B, but need to provide fluid detergent yourself. The common facilities are cleaned twice a week. The room has to be cleaned by yourself. You will have to bring towels both for bathroom and kitchen.

  • Can I have family members visit and stay a while with me in my accommodation during the programme?

Unfortunately TPC is not able to accommodate partners of students, as they only have single rooms. Because of insurance issues they cannot allow two or more people sleeping in a one room. Each year, at the time of the EBQ they are fully booked, so they have no more extra rooms available.



  • I acknowledge receipt of the EBQ course jury decision of non-selection for the VLIR scholarship. Would it be possible for me to still attend the course if my funder was willing to fund the course and related costs?

Yes, do indicate this possibility to us. However, one has to wait for the confirmation of the selected students in order to know if and how many places are available. Once it is clear how many scholars will and can attend, we will know if the programme can be open for other (self-sufficient) candidates. We have a maximum of 20 participants. Once all pre-selected participants have given feedback we can let you know.

  • Kindly help me compute the cost of course participation in order to understand the financial picture.  

We kindly refer to the following page on our website to consult the financial aspect of the course.



  • I have applied but I have not received news from your office. Does this mean that I was not selected?

All applicants are individually screened and evaluated, and due to the high number of applicants, this may take a while. However, all candidates, whether they have applied for a scholarship or not, will receive notification of their application if they have been selected or not. We aim to communicate the result by July.

  • Can I get more information as to why I was not selected?

Unfortunately, due to a high number of applicants, we are unable to provide individual feedback in case you were not selected. Please read the eligibility criteria to exclude non-admission due to non-eligibly. 



  • I found that the deadline for applying for the EBQ course is past. I would like to know if there is any opportunity for me to apply for this years’ edition, if all your seats are not full.

Unfortunately the deadline has closed and all application are with the reviewers. This course is organized annually and we invite you to apply for the next course. Note that next to this website, the Calls are also announced on our Facebook page: ‘Global Health Institute, Antwerp university'.