The nexus teaching-research project (NTR) Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA) is focused on the re-design of the interior space of the original, old building of AMA in Antwerp, built in 1932. Together with a multi-disciplinary team of teachers and professors, students of interior architecture (e.g. bachelor, master and PhD) will realize various, complementary assignments in relation to the analysis and re-design of the material (e.g. the different rooms and connecting corridors, materials, textures, colors and acoustics) and immaterial (e.g. the collective memory of alumni made visible in an art-route throughout the building) interior-space. Given the historic background of the building, the students of interior architecture will work together with students in heritage, conservation and restauration of FOW. The overall aim of the project is to simultaneously (i) gain in-depth insights in the features of the interior space of a modernistic building destined for academic higher education and urban sky-lining, as well as (ii) develop vital re-design competences for students interior architecture.The project started in 2023 and will end in 2032, the year in which AMA will celebrate its centennial birthday.

AMA seen from the Antwerp waterfront


Project coördinator & Chairman project team: Nathalie Vallet

Project team: Margo Annemans

Project team: Inge Somers

Project team: Eva Storgaard

Project team: Hilde De Vleeschhauwer


AMA: Rowan Van Schaeren, Pascal Bouquet, Gersom Brussard and Han Jacobs

ERF/C&R FOW: Marc Jacobs

Library & archives UAntwerpen: Willem Vanneste


2023 - 2032