The nexus teaching-research project (NTR) EP is focused on the sustainable re-design of the so-called Paul-Henri Spaak building in Brussels, built in 1988-1992. Together with a multi-disciplinary team of teachers and professors, students of interior architecture (e.g. bachelor, master and PhD) will realize various, complementary assignments in relation to the analysis and sustainable re-design of the interior space. The overall aim of the project is to simultaneously (i) gain in-depth insights in the material (e.g. floor plan, proportions, symbolic ornaments and colors), and immaterial features (e.g feelings of freedom, equal rights and solidarity) of the interior space of a democratic public building, and (ii) develop vital associated re-design competences for students interior architecture. Considering the latter, students are in particular expected to give the team of architectures responsible for the re-design, additional out-of-the-box and refreshing design inspirations. The project started in 2022 and will end in 2030, the year in which the renovated Henri-Spaak building will be ready.

The European parliament, Paul-Henri Spaak building Brussels


Project coördinator / Chairman Project Tema: Nathalie Vallet

Project Team: Margo Annemans

Project Team: Bob Geldermans

Project Team: Stefan Martens

Project Management: Inge Somers


​COO & Partner DUSS Explorers in Urban sustainability, advisor-coordinator EP: Joeri Alderweireldt, Sophie Slabbinck


2022 - 2032