From a disciplinary perspective, Nathalie Vallet is senior researcher in the economic sub-discipline of organizational behavior. Additionally, she is specialized in strategic management and organization theory of public and social profit organizations (e.g. social and solidarist economy organizations). From a methodological perspective, she has more than 30 years of experiences in qualitative research, more precisely in grounded theory (GT) and explorative case-study research. Convinced that the impact of strategic and organizational designs do not only depend on inspiring decision models and vigorous implementations, but also on their spatial embeddedness, she has chosen for an additional multi-disciplinary approach in cooperation with spatial designers (i.e. interior architects). Thus, her favorite research topics also include Spatial literacy and Societal design (e.g. public libraries, public IEP-sites, Nature Based Solutions).

Favourite (interior) architecture project

Art Museum & studio Asmundur Sveinsson

When visiting the studio of the Icelandic sculptor Asmundur Sveinsson, I was impressed by how the small sculpture garden invited me gently into the inner space of a snow white ‘dome’ with a vast observatory ceiling, the inner space where Asmundur lived, worked, slept, dreamed and enjoyed life. In this inner space, I could feel his love for silence, simplicity, sobriety, snow, clouds and above all people, plain people.

(photo: Asmundarsafn archives)

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