Judaism, Law and Literature

The Jewish Law Association
18th International Conference
July 14th-17th, 2014
University of Antwerp

The conference "Judaism, Law and Literature" is the 18th International Conference of the Jewish Law Association hosted by the Institute of Jewish Studies (University of Antwerp). It aims to bring people together who in their research address the themes Judaism, Law and Literature, as encompassing both law in literature and law as literature, from both applied and theoretical/methodological and comparative perspectives.

The purpose is to foster interdisciplinary research, as between traditional Jewish law studies (both rabbinical and academic) and the now well-established field of Law and Literature, which draws on both legal (e.g. Dworkin's "chain novel" model) and literary theory (e.g. Stanley Fish, who debated with Dworkin), on issues including, but not limited to, the theory of interpretation. There is existing literature on the relationship between law and narrative within the Hebrew Bible (e.g. Carmichael, who will participate), and on the relationship between legal and narrative elements within the Talmud (also to be addressed by several speakers). The conference will both seek to locate and refine such studies within a broader theoretical perspective, and consider their relationship to post-Talmudic legal studies and contemporary non-religious Jewish literature (e.g. Bialik, I.L. Perets, Kafka, and Benjamin).


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