MIOS is a research group within the Department of Communication Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2003 our team is dedicated to the study of individuals’ uses of media and ICT, as well as interpersonal relations within organisations and the broader society, to pursue evidence based communication strategies and policy. The research activities of MIOS can be linked to two communication levels: 

  • The use of digital media by individuals, and the associated risks and opportunities: This level focuses on research into the use of internet, mobile phones and games by children, young people and adults. 
  • The strategic use of digital media by organizations (companies, social-profit organizations, governments): At this level, research is conducted in areas such as (online) marketing and health communication. 

Studies center on the following key topics: 

MIOS in practice

Besides providing practical and educational tools for parents and educators, it is also one of our priorities to integrate insightful MIOS research in the courses that multiple members of our research group offer in the programmes organised within the Department of Communication Sciences, both at bachelor and master level. Please note that all of these programmes are Dutch taught programmes; however, a number of courses are offered in English.

Hereafter you will find an overview of the courses that are taught by MIOS members:

Charlotte De Backer teaches the following courses:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Verbal- and non-verbal communication
  • Internal communication
  • Seminar on groupinteraction and interpersonal functioning

Sara Pabian teaches:

  • Effectiveness study strategic communication
  • Internal communication
  • Seminar strategic communication

Karolien Poels teaches: 

  • Media and digital society
  • Communication management
  • Persuasive technologies
  • Consumer psychology

Heidi Vandebosch teaches:

  • Introduction to communication studies
  • Media sociology
  • Health communication

Michel Walrave teaches:

  • Governmental and social-profit communication
  • Direct marketing and e-marketing
  • Advertising, sponsoring and public relations