You are very welcome to meet all the members of our research group MIOS as listed below. For more information about our members' current projects and publications, please click on their name to go to their personal webpage.


Prof. Dr. Michel Walrave

+32 (0)3 265 56 81

Research interests: Online self-disclosure, online privacy, sexting, sharenting, online marketing, social media, cyberbullying, cyber dating abuse


Prof. Dr. Charlotte De Backer

+32 (0)3 265 56 80

Research interests: social food studies, social talk, celebrities, dating behaviour, interpersonal relations

Prof. Dr. Karolien Poels

+32 (0)3 265 55 87

Research interests: advertising, advertising processing, personalisation, native advertising, advertising effects, online privacy

Prof. Dr. Koen Ponnet

+32 (0)3 265 53 41

Research interests: mediapsychology, social psychology, online and offline risk behavior, adolescents, structural equation modeling

Prof. Dr. Heidi Vandebosch

+32 (0)3 265 56 82

Research interests: cyberbullying, (new) media audiences and effects, health communication, serious games, entertainment-education

Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan De Bruijn

Research interests: health communication, artificial intelligence, chatbots, virtual reality, social media and networks, media analysis and effects, meta-analyses and systematic reviews

Part-time professors, guest professors and postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Elke Cloots

+32 (0)3 265 51 41

Research interests: media law, freedom of speech, identity, discrimination, hate speech, data protection, European Union

Dr. Wannes Heirman

+32 (0)3 265 56 71

Research interests: VR, online privacy, online marketing, cyberbullying

Dr. Sara Pabian

+32 (0)3 265 55 59

Research interests: cyberbullying, ICT use, online interactions, adolescents, longitudinal research

Dr. Ann DeSmet

+32 (0)3 265 56 71

Research interests: health communication, digital health, media psychology, emotions

Dr. Joris Van Ouytsel

+32 (0)3 265 52 79

Research interests: sexting, cyber dating abuse, online sexuality, role of digital media in romantic  relationships, media literacy education

Dr. Sara Erreygers

+32 (0)3 265 50 36

Research interests: emotions, adolescence, prosocial and antisocial online behaviour, cyberbullying

Dr. Gaëlle Ouvrein

 +32 (0)3 265 42 09

Research interests: celebrity bashing, cyberbullying, adolescents, celebrities, gossip

Lara Hallam

+32 (0)3 265 40 98

Research interests: Online dating, interpersonal trust, online to offline modality switching, mating and dating behavior, hurt

Simone Krouwer

+32 (0)3 265 56 68

Research interests: native advertising, news media, strategic communication, online journalism,  online advertising

Karen Verswijvel

+32 (0)3 265 49 14

Research interests: social media, friendship quality, sharenting, professional development, gendered language, gender stereotypes 

Konrad Rudnicki

+32 (0)3 265 55 65 or +32 (0)3 265 51 33

Research interests: biomarkers, oxytocin, biopsychology, psychophysiology, psychoneuroendocrinology

PhD Researchers

Isabelle Cuyckx

+32 (0)3 265 52 64

Research interests: influencers & food endorsers, food media, food literacy, health communication, healthy eating patterns, behavioral change, campaigning 

Rowan Daneels

+32 (0)3 265 56 73

Research interests: digital games, adolescents & games, meaningful gaming, (moral) elevation, VR, social robots

Anouk De Ridder

+32 (0)3 265 53 35

Research interests: positive media research, audience research, qualitative audience studies, entertainment media

Dorien Luyckx

+32 (0)3 265 92 73

Research interests: advertising, native advertising, media industry, business models for news, engaged journalism, journalism startups

Sofie Mariën

+32 (0)3 265 92 73

Research interests: Mental health, adolescence, online community, health narratives, expressive writing

Katrien Maldoy

+32 (0)3 265 53 80

Research interests: consumer behavior, advertising, health, social food studies, adolescents

Michelle Symons

 +32 (0)3 265 51 60 

Research interests: just-in-time adaptive interventions, health communication, physical activity, messages, nudging, persuasive communication

Lauranna Teunissen

 +32 (0)3 265 51 60 

Research interests: Food media, food endorsers/influencers, consumer behavior, health communication and emerging adulthood

Roos van Gogh

+32 (0)3 265 53 80

Research interests: CSR, cause-related marketing, sustainable and ethical consumer behavior, social influence, influencer marketing, persuasive online communication, social profit communication, emerging adults

Jules Vrinten

+32 (0)3 265 52 64

Research interests: food media influence on food consumption patterns, psychology, health promotion 

Amber Peeters

Research interests: health communication, social food studies, food consumption, food as identity

Ina Weber

Research interests: online hate speech, user perceptions of new technologies, online interactions, recommendations, experimental research, ethics in AI

Lise-Marie Nassen

Research interests: ​Digital disconnection, ICT use, strategic and persuasive communication, digital behaviour

Paulien Decorte 

Research interests: food media, emerging adulthood, food influencers & celebrities, consumer behavior, health communication

Sofie Apers

Research interests: ​health communication, radon, mass media, strategic communication

Yi-Lun Jheng

Research interests: learning from text, emotion dynamics, physiological Measurement, cognition-emotion interaction

Yuying Tan

Research interests: online sexual harassment, behavior intervention, cognitive system and artificial intelligence, affective computing, interactive media, content marketing 

Toni Claessens

Research interests: vaccine hesitancy, vaccine confidence, health communication, persuasive technologies

Aurélie Gilen

Research interests: cyberviolence, image-based sexual abuse, non-consensual sharing of intimate images, LGBTQ+, sexology, @ntidote project

Associated collaborators

Fynn Gerken

+32 (0)3 265 50 18

Member of the Faculty of Business and Economics and MIOS

Research interests: corporate communication, crisis communication, social media, economic consequences of organisational communication, flow of information in capital markets

Dr. Yandisa Ngqangashe

 +32 (0)3 265 40 29

 Research interests: food related media, food literacy on adolescents , adolescents, health communication

Dr. Erik Snoeijers

+32 (0)3 265 50 36

Research interests: crisis communication, communication management, public relations, organizational  communication, crisis management

Dr. Evert Van den Broeck

+32 (0)3 265 49 14

Research interests: online marketing communication, social media, personalised advertising, social  networking sites, online privacy

Dr. Kathleen Van Royen

+32 (0)3 265 52 57

Research interests: adolescents, social media, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, health communication and promotion

Dr. Ini Vanwesenbeeck

+32 (0)3 265 53 35

Research interests: advertising literacy, advergames, in-game advertising, parental internet mediation

Anne Vermeulen

+32 (0)3 265 56 71

Research interests: adolescents, emotion regulation, social sharing of emotions, online and offline  communication, life events  

Dr. Brahim Zarouali

+32 (0)3 265 50 49

Research Interests: consumer behavior, advertising, persuasion, adolescents, social media      

Former members

  • Dr. Sara Bastiaensens
  • Gie Deboutte
  • Dr. Suzanne Overmars
  • Dr. Katrien Van Cleemput
  • Karolien Van Nunen
  • Dr. Ivana Vranjes
  • Dr. Denis Wegge
  • Dr. Lies De Kimpe