Movant labs

M2OCEAN (Movement analysis lab)

M2RUN (Exercise physiology & metabolic lab)

M²SENS (Sensoric functioning lab)

Besides these three research laboratories, MOVANT has access to different testing facilities for specific pathologies through own infrastructure or research collaborations:

  • Through collaboration with the Edema clinic (UZA), different measurements can be carried out to characterize cancer related lymphedema: volumetry,  water displacement methods and perimetry, changes in stagnation of lymph (% water content measurements with MoistureMeter D), changes in extracellular fluid (Bio-impedance measurements) and different skin changes (width, elasticity, …). MOVANT also owns a PDE camera to perform Lymphofluoroscopy.
  • Through collaboration with the department of Gynecology, obstetrics and fertility, the department of Urology and Urologic rehabilitation, the department of Abdominal surgery and the multidisciplinary pelvic floor clinic (UZA), we can use the most modern and advanced instruments for imaging and therapeutic modalities with regards to the pelvic floor. Equipment such as ultrasound (General Electric) with 3D/4D modalities and tomographic ultrasound imaging (TUI) at the department of gynecology, as well as urodynamics investigations, uroflow and electrodiagnostics at the urological lab, and the Multiple Array Probe Leiden (MAPLe) for validated EMG registration (biofeedback) are available. These techniques are aimed at detailed investigation of the functional capacity of the pelvic floor.
  • Through collaboration with the burns center OSCARE, different scar characteristics can be evaluated (e.g. color (Minolta Chromameter CR-400), water damp permeability (DermaLab Skin testing), vertical elasticity (Cutometer® MPA580), density and depth (DubCutis® skinscanner), hydration (Corneometer® CM825)). MOVANT owns the Courage & Khazaka probe system which objectively measures skin and scar parameters.
  • Through collaboration with the TINTRA tinnitus clinic (UZA), a complete tinnitus evaluation can be carried out, consisting of otoscopy (microscopic investigation of the ear), hearing test