In an increasingly changing world, where challenges such as climate change and the rise of AI test the limits of our understanding, the role of design is undergoing a profound transformation. It compels us to shift our focus from the next generation of products, services and systems to a more profound inquiry: What kind of design does life on our planet needs next?

This shift is driven by the recognition that our world is at a critical juncture, where the delicate balance between societal well-being and the capacity of our planet is being disrupted. To navigate this complex terrain, design must not only anticipate the future but also actively shape it, ensuring that what we create aligns with the essential needs of both society and the environment.

The Strategic Design lab focuses on defining the role of design in a changing world and developing methods and tools that embrace complexity in order to carefully define impactful products, services and systems.



  • Alexis Jacoby, professor
  • Kristel Van Ael, guest professor 
  • Ivo Dewit, PhD 
  • Moein Nedai, Drs
  • Stine Moons, Drs
  • Esther Noeth, Drs
  • Maud Gruyters, Drs

Related courses 

  • Design Methodology, Bachelor 2
  • Strategic Design Fundamentals, Master 1
  • PSS Design Project, Master 1
  • Strategic Design, module 1: systemic design project
  • Strategic Design, module 2: strategic forecasting
  • Master thesis, Master 2


  • Participatory design tools 
  • Participatory design platforms and co-creation spaces