In recent years climate research and policies have increased exponentially. Besides climate mitigation, they now include the challenge of climate adaptation. We must prepare for the future climate and its impacts such as aggravating floods, droughts, heat stress, etcetera. One key issue is how do we create ‘climate-proof’ territories?

Consequently, climate adaptation has become a hot topic in the field of spatial design. Current designs often burst with terms such as ‘climate resilient’, ‘climate adaptive’ or ‘climate-proof’. This research uses spatial design as a product and as a process. Spatial design proposals generate sollutions for the climate challenges, which are communicated through graphical material such as maps and models (product), and it is a medium to debate about space and the management of a site (process). Finally, this dissertation defines several take-home messages, addressed to spatial designers, climate experts and policy workers in the domains of spatial planning and agricultural policy.

Researcher(s): Jeroen De Waegemaeker, Maarten Van Acker
Partner(s): Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek (ILVO)

Infrastructure in the city