Urgent accelerated action is required to adapt to unavoidable and ongoing climate change. Climate-resilient investments must be substantially scaled up. Public budgets will not be able to address the adaptation financing challenge alone, financing from the private sector will also be necessary. CLIMATEFIT contributes to bridging the resilience financing gap by providing critical insight and building the capacities of Public Authorities (PAs) to attract and orchestrate various public and private funding & financing sources, and of Financing and Investment Entities (FIEs) to discover and access resilient investment opportunities. CLIMATEFIT aims at supporting innovative financing mechanisms for adaptation to climate change by providing key insight into financing sources and strategies. The project will engage its experts, Public Authorities and Financing & Investment Entities in the co-creation of: 20 innovative investment strategies, 10 concrete and scalable investment plans, 4 bankable transformational investment cases.

More info on the website: https://climatefit-heu.eu/

Promotor: Tom CoppensCo-promotor: Tine Compernolle (FBE)
Researcher(s): Varnika SrivastavaThomas Machiels
Funding: EU HORIZON RIA project
Period: 2023-2026