The United Nations and the World Health Organization recently stressed the importance of governments of all kinds to develop effective and equitable multisectoral policies and plans that support broader efforts to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Urban development offers significant opportunities for improving our living conditions but, where it is inadequately managed, poor governance can also pose conflicts, inequality, health risks, inefficient city management,... However, efficient governance and management realizes multiple synergies across urban planning, housing, infrastructure, mobility,... Good governance is one of the keys to realize these synergies. 

Our research group examines the operation of such efficient planning systems and policy processes of urban development, together with their spatial and social impact. Planning instruments and policies, (mega)project management, conflict management, assessment of international and local planning systems, public private partnerships, political impact on land use, collective space use, spatial investment strategies and feasibility, participation and coproduction constitute the key research issues of this research track. 

Research projects: