Head of each Research group in Translational Neurosciences:

Administrative and Technical Personnel:


The list of researchers below is *automatically* loaded from the central Antigoon research database. Note that the terms "voluntary member" and "unpaid staff" are a bit of a misnomer: it means that these staff are not on the payroll of the university, but are paid by another organisation, usually the University Hospital of Antwerp (Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen, UZA). A lot of our staff work in both the university and the university hospital, which work closely together but are separate administrative entities. Researchers of Translational Neurosciences who would find themself in the wrong category, or not listed at all, should contact the chairman of our research group, and ask him to contact Linda De Winter from the department Research, Innovation & Valorisation Antwerp (RIVA) to correct the list below. Local webmasters cannot edit the central Antigoon database.


Automatically loaded list of researchers:


Associated member