The purpose of the  Francqui Foundation is to encourage the prestige of disinterested fundamental research. It also provides Belgian scholars and scientists with indisputable moral support. The statutes clearly state that its objective is "to further the development of higher education and scientific research in Belgium".  This implicitly means that interuniversity collaboration is also encouraged.

For the academic year 2020-2021 the University of Antwerp has the honour to welcome the following Francqui Chairs:

  • Chair at the Faculty of Applied Engineering
    Prof. dr. Ir. Jo Dewulf (UGent)
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Pieter Billen
    Inaugural lecture: Wednesday 21 april 2021 – 19:00, Location: Campus Drie Eiken – Building Q or online
  • Chair at the Faculty of Arts
    Prof. dr. Ann Rigney (UUtrecht)
     Prof. dr. Luc Herman
    Inaugural lecture:  Monday 10 mei 2021 – 17:00, Location: Stadscampus – Aula Rector Dhanis or online

From 2019 to 2022 the following professor acts as a Collen-Francqui Research Professor:

  • Chair at the faculty of Sciences:
    Prof. dr. Bert Maes – UAntwerpen
    Inaugural lecture: Monday 15 June 2020 – 18:00, Stadscampus – De Grauwzusters – Promotiezaal (Postponed)

Francqui-Collen Prijs 2020 voor Biomedische Wetenschappen:

  • Prof. dr. Bart Loeys - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

From 2019 to 2022 the following professor acts as an International Collen-Francqui Professor:

  • Chair at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences:
    Prof. dr. Philippe De Wals Université Laval
    : Prof. dr. Philippe Beutels & prof. dr. Pierre Van Damme
  • Inaugural lecture: Wednesday 11 March 2020 – 18:00, Campus Drie Eiken – 
    Building O – Room O.O8 (Postponed)

Titulars (Academic year 2011 until 2020)

Francqui Professorships

The Francqui Foundation grants the fellowship of ‘Francqui Professor’ to universities for a period of 3 years. With this fellowship the Foundation allows a professor or young researcher to devote him- or herself to research with a reduced teaching responsibility.

The fellowships are directed at researchers, for whom a reduction of teaching responsibilities creates an added value for the university of the candidate. In particular, it is directed at professors or young researchers of an exceptional scientific level, whose research is in a topical and interesting domain and whose scientific and international image adds to the reputation of the institution.

Francqui Chairs

The Francqui Foundation annually grants several Chairs to Belgian scientists, proposed by the universities. The intention is to create the possibility to invite professors of other Belgian universities, for a series of courses of 10 teaching hours.

The universities invite the titulars themselves and the Foundation pays a fee to the titular for the 10 courses.

Each year, 2 Chairs are granted to each Belgian university. The Board of Trustees of the Franqui Foundation decided in 2008 that one of both Chairs can be granted to a foreign professor, affiliated to a foreign institution (preferably European, due to practical reasons).

Chairs 'International Francqui Professor'

Each year the Francqui Foundation grants 3 International Francqui Professor Chairs, that create the possibility for the stay of a foreign scientist in Belgium for an uninterrupted stay of 3 to 6 months.

The chairs are divided as follows:  

  • 1 in Science;
  • 1 in Humanities;
  • 1 in Life Sciences.

Applications should be submitted by at least 2 Belgian universities, of which one (the host institution) will be responsible for the practical and administrative aspects.

The International Francqui Professor Chairs directed to high level researchers with a world reputation. The intention of these Chairs is to invite professors who would not come to Belgium in other circumstances.  

Francqui Prizes

Francqui Prizes are awarded annually.  The Prize should be seen as an encouragement for a young researcher rather than a career award. Therefore the age limit is set at 50 years old.

This Prize is awarded successively, in a rotation system, in Science, Humanities and Life Sciences.

Candidates fort his Prize can be nominated by two members of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium in the research domain of the proposed candidate, or by a former laureate of the Prize.

Only persons with the Belgian nationality are eligible. Persons who were nominated for the Prize are not eligible for the next the years.