The aim of the Francqui Foundation is to encourage the prestige of desinterested fundamental research. To this end, the Foundation grants researchers four types of chairs:

Two types for professors external to UAntwerp:

  • The domestic Francqui Chair, awarded to a professor from another Belgian university. Annually, the UAntwerp may award two such chairs, one of which may be awarded to a professor attached to a foreign (European) Institution;
  • The chair for International Francqui Professor, nominated by the UAntwerp and at least one other Belgian university for a foreign eminent scholar with a world class reputation.

Two types for professors at UAntwerp:

  • The Francqui Research Professor
  • The Francqui Docent (or Start-Up Grant) for new members of the ZAP

If the holder of one of these four chairs works within the field of (bio)medical sciences, they are referred to as 'Collen-Francqui' professorships given the donations made by the Désiré Collen Foundation to the Francqui Foundation for the benefit of (bio)medical research.

For the academic year 2022-2023, UAntwerpen has the honour of welcoming the following laureates of a domestic Francqui Chair:

  • Chair at the Faculty of Law
    Prof. dr. Britta VAN BEERS, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Kristof Van Assche

  • Chair at the Faculty of Social Sciences
    Prof. dr. Mieke VAN HOUTTE, Ghent University
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Noel Clycq and prof. dr. Jan Vanhoof

For the academic years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 the following professors hold a mandate as International Francqui Professor:

  • Chair at the Faculty of Arts
    Prof. dr. Bruce CONNELL, York University, Glendon College, Toronto
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Jo Verhoeven

  • Chair at the Faculty of Arts
    Prof. dr. William MARX, Collège de France, Paris
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Franc Schuerewegen

  • Chair at the Faculty of Sciences
    Prof. dr. Richard SHINE, Macquarie University, Sydney
    Promotor: Prof. dr. Raoul Van Damme

For the academic years 2021-2024 the following professor acts as a Francqui Research Professor​:

  • Chair at  the Faculty of Social Sciences
    Prof. dr. Stefaan Walgrave

For the academic years 2022-2025 the following professor act as a Collen-Francqui Docent:

  • Chair at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
    Prof. dr. Rose Bruffaerts