The Flemish Government approved on June 28, 2013 a grant to support young researchers (“subsidie Omkadering Jonge Onderzoekers” - OJO). In the framework of this grant, the Antwerp Doctoral School launches every year in autumn a call (OJOcall) via mail to all researchers affiliated with the University of Antwerp to submit proposals for initiatives that address training needs and support of young researchers. By young researchers we mean PhD researchers and postdoctoral researchers.

Proposals can be submitted in the following categories:

  1. Interuniversity initiatives: group activities, organized by UAntwerp and at least two other Flemish universities, aimed at training for young researchers (e.g. interuniversity symposia, summer schools, colloquia, …).
  2. Domain-specific training: interactive training for young researchers with the aim to deepen their domain-specific and/or methodological knowledge and skills (e.g. interactive course, workshop,…).
  3. Initiatives focused on career development: initiatives that aim at facilitating and supporting the transition of young researchers to the non-academic job market (e.g. events where young researchers meet with stakeholders from industry and/or other professional sectors, events where young researchers are informed about the expectations on the non-academic job market, workshops that offer career advice from professionals, …).
  4. International research visits: the research visits must include a training component such as following a course, learning techniques or research methods. Participation in a conference alone does NOT qualify. This call is aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral researchers (up to three years after obtaining a PhD) who can motivate that they have not obtained an FWO Travel grant or do not have a bench fee or other funding.
  5. Faculty initiatives: broad faculty or departmental group activities for young researchers, such as welcome days, doctoral days.

Applicants are encouraged to, when possible, collaborate with partners from the YUFE alliance. This collaboration can take various forms, e.g. a research visit at a YUFE institution, the activity is organized in collaboration with one of the YUFE partners, or the opening of the activity to young researchers from the YUFE institutions.

For additional information regarding the target group, the conditions, the evaluation (criteria), the budget and the timing, please contact