It is possible to do a PhD in the context of the Association in one of the following study areas at the University of Antwerp: 

  • Audiovisual and visual arts 
  • Music and performing arts 
  • Nautical Sciences 

The conditions are: 

  • one or more colleges within the Association have the power to offer a master's degree in the study area in which the PhD is being prepared; 
  • the PhD project is embedded in a research environment, both the university and one of the colleges of the Association are members of this research environment. 

Procedure PhD applications 

Applications can be submitted via the regular PhD procedure, but it is important to know that a PhD in the context of the Association needs a common research environment. This means your PhD will be guided by both the University of Antwerp and a college.

Therefore it is important that you find a supervisor at the university as well as a supervisor at the respective college. When you’ve studied in college, you might not know who can be your supervisor at the university. To find one, you can check the research groups pages of the university. You can contact potential supervisors yourself to talk about your research project. 

When you’ve found both supervisors, and have thought about funding, you can submit the application through the Registrar's Office.

Composition PhD commission and jury 

The general PhD regulations of the University of Antwerp contains the regulations concerning the composition of individual PhD commission and the doctoral jury. Articles 17c, 19a and 19b are targeted specifically at PhD researchers preparing a PhD in the framework of the Association. 

Other provisions e.g. the doctoral study programme

For PhD students who conduct their PhD in the context of the Association, all other provisions are the same. These can be found in the general PhD regulations of the University of Antwerp, the faculty PhD regulations and the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School.