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PhD in the Association

It is possible to perform a PhD in the context of the Association in one of the following study areas at the University of Antwerp: 

  • audiovisual and visual arts 
  • music and performing arts 
  • nautical Sciences 

The conditions are: 

  • one or more colleges within the Association have the power to offer a master's degree in the study in which the PhD is being prepared; 
  • the PhD project is embedded in a research environment, both the university and one of the colleges of the Association are members of this research environment. 

Procedure PhD applications 

Before you start a PhD, we advise you to read the brochure "PhD at the University of Antwerp". 

It is important to know that a PhD in the context of the Association needs a common research environment. This means your PhD will be guided by both the University of Antwerp and a college.

Because of this it is important that you look for a supervisor at the university and at a supervisor at the college. When you’ve studied in college, you often do not know who can be your supervisor at the university. It is therefore a good idea to check the research pages of the university. When you’ve found a suitable supervisor you can contact them to talk about your research project. 

When you’ve found both supervisors, you can submit the application through the registrar's office.

Composition doctoral committees and jury's 

The doctoral regulations of the University of Antwerp are changed with regard to the composition of the doctoral committee and jury of doctoral students preparing a PhD in the framework of the Association. 

Other provisions like the doctoral study program 

For PhD students who perform their PhD in the context of the Association all other provisions are the same. These can be found in the PhD regulations of the University of Antwerp, the supplementary faculty regulations and the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School who organize the doctoral study program.