What do you need to start a PhD?

Once you have got this in order, you can follow the rest of the PhD procedure.

The faculty in which you would like to pursue your PhD will decide on your admission based on the proposal of your researchproject (which you agreed upon with your supervisor(s)).

For some categories of students, the faculty may ask you to complete a preparatory programme after admission has been granted. This applies to: 

  • candidates wishing to obtain the degree of doctor in a different discipline from the one in which they obtained their Master’s degree;
  • candidates with a Master’s degree from an institution outside of the Flemish Community;
  • candidates who do not hold a Master’s degree (but have been accepted after obtaining an exceptional exemption on the admission requirements).

Also have a look at the vacancies for PhD scholarships.

Collaboration with external partners

If your PhD involves collaboration with external partners (e.g. a company or another university) it is best to discuss certain arrangements in advance about publication, confidentiality and property rights regarding the results of the research. Also if you think that some of your results might be valorised and/or used for commercial purposes it is best to agree upon how this is handled in time.

The Valorisation Office can provide you with support and advice and help you draw up an appropriate agreement.

Tuition fee PhD

If you enrol as a PhD student, you will only pay tuition fees for the first enrolment in the PhD and for the defence of your thesis.  Please note, if both events take place in the same academic year, both fees are due.

The following rates apply to the enrolment as a PhD student (diploma contract):

Academic year 2023-2024
  • First enrolment in a PhD: 545.8 euro
  • Re-enrollment: 0.0 euro
  • Defence of the thesis: 545.8 euro
​Academic year 2024-2025
  • First enrolment in a PhD: 557.1 euro
  • Re-enrollment: 0.0 euro
  • Defence of the thesis: 557.1 euro

In your final year, your tuition fees should be paid once the date of your thesis defence has been confirmed and the registrar's office has been notified of this date using the form "Information regarding the defence of a PhD thesis".

Only pay the tuition fees when you receive notification from the registrar's office that they are due.