The MSCA will fund excellent doctoral and post-doctoral training programmes, equipping researchers with new knowledge and skills through encouraging exchange of researchers across borders, sectors and disciplines. MSCA also supports training and career development systems.

There are five main MSCA intervention areas, to which all individual MSCA contribute:

  • Nurturing Excellence through Mobility of Researchers across Borders, Sectors and Disciplines 
  • Fostering new Skills through Excellent Training of Researchers 
  • Strengthening Human Capital and Skills Development across the European Research Area 
  • Improving and Facilitating Synergies 
  • Promoting Public Outreach

The following actions within the MSCA are implementing these intervention areas:

  • MSCA Doctoral Networks – MSCA DN (under Horizon 2020 named Innovative Training Networks)
  • MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships – MSCA PF (under Horizon 2020 named Individual Fellowships)
  • MSCA Staff Exchanges – MSCA SE (under Horizon 2020 named RISE) 
  • MSCA COFUND (co-funding of regional, national and international programmes)
  • MSCA & Citizens